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Our Brandywine:  Back Cover Copy

OUR BRANDYWINE: An Artist's View of His Brandywine Valley Home

Paintings by James Robert Huntsberger

Text by Janet Davis Huntsberger

An informative and evocative guide to Huntsberger's paintings, Our Brandywine is a vivid and engaging tour of the Brandywine Valley. This unique book contains richness of detail. The lavishly illustrated and readable volume provides a lasting appreciation of Huntsberger art and a beautiful and historic section of America.

54 full-color reproductions of Huntsberger's Brandywine Valley paintings

(Plus Huntsberger portraits of the artist and author)

7 maps with painting locations so readers can visit the artist's viewpoint.

Personalized descriptions of the locations and their history

Artist's comments in Italics


"Our Brandywine captures the beauty that can be found throughout the Brandywine Valley. From Winterthur to the Grand Opera House, this collection of oil paintings conjures up wonderful memories for me, as I am sure it will for anyone who is familiar with the splendor of Northern Delaware. I am proud to display the works of J.R. Huntsberger in my Washington, D.C. office for all to see."

U.S. Senator Thomas R. Carper

"Our Brandywine provides a glimpse over the shoulder of one of Delaware's excellent oil painters. James Huntsberger's paintings and the accompanying text and maps will tempt you to explore our home territory, to see the landmarks, and learn our history."

Barbara E. Benson, Executive Director, Historical Society of Delaware

The Huntsbergers, with enormous devotion and dedication, have produced fresh and intense views of much-honored places in the region they love so much. Beyond the colorful and carefully painted images of James R. Huntsberger, Janet Davis Huntsberger provides important information about each place, information not readily available elsewhere, made more valuable because it is so easily accessible in this fine book. We have much to learn from the Huntsbergers.

James H. Duff, Executive Director, Brandywine Conservancy


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